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Movita Multi-Grain Health Mix (Plain)

Movita Multi-Grain Health Mix (Plain)

Movita Multi Grain Health Mix, a wholesome blend of carefully selected ingredients that are power-packed with essential nutrients to boost your overall well-being. This nutritious mix is crafted with a harmonious combination of 27 natural ingredients, including wheat, peanut, ragi, pearl millet, and a variety of pulses, grains, nuts, and superfoods.

Key Benefits:

  • High Fiber
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • 33 Cereals, Nuts and Millets
  • Healthy Breakfast
  • Energy Boost
  • Instant Health Mix

Key Ingredients:

Wheat, Peanut, Ragi, Pearl Millet, Red Chick Peas, Black Gram, Green Gram, Horse Gram, Green Peas, Red Soybean, Black Soybean, White Soybean, Corn, White Sorghum, Red Sorghum, Cashew, Almonds, Black Rice, Red Rice, Brown Rice, Foxtail Millet, Little Millet, Kodo Millet, Barnyard Millet, Barley, Black Chocolate Extract, Moringa Flower, Moringa Seed Protein, Moringa Leaf Protein, Dry Ginger, Cardamom.

Direction for Preparation:

  • Add 10g of Movita Health Mix powder into a cup / bowl
  • Add 180 ml Hot water / Hot Milk
  • Stir and Enjoy
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